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Founded in 1970, Wright Business Graphics began as a two-employee print shop in Portland, Oregon. Today Wright has evolved into one of the West Coast's leading suppliers of printed products, offering a wide range of products and services from facilities located in Oregon, Washington and California.

In July, 2018, Wright was acquired by Ennis, Inc., headquartered in Midlothian, Texas. Ennis began over a century ago, in 1909, and today has over 50 manufacturing facilities across the United States producing printed product for virtually every market segment.

Wright, as with all of the Ennis companies, is proud to be a people first company and endeavors daily to produce quality products and services with competitive pricing. We look forward to serving you.

What We Do

Wright Business Graphics is the leading printing source dedicated to providing you with printed products that exceed your expectations.


Folding Carton

From design concept through folding and gluing, our folding carton team offers a cohesive approach to the entire process. Need a design prototype quickly? Not a problem for our Structural Design team.


Digital Variable Printing

Utilizing an array of digital presses with varying format sizes, color configurations and the latest technology, we offer tailor made products for a multitude of market applications.


Commercial Offset

For longer runs of color rich commercial printing, our sheetfed presses are perfectly suited for catalogs, magazines, direct mail and marketing pieces of all kinds with coating options and bindery all in house.


Business Forms & Checks

From continuous and unit set forms to cut sheets and laser forms, we do it all.  We manufacture four-color process and up to 10 spot color business forms and commercial cut sheet web products in addition to printing business statements, invoices, checks and letterheads on a variety of stocks.

We also work to ensure that our check security features are among the latest and most effective in the industry. As a result, our hidden void pantos are some of the best. The stock patterns in the recommended colors pass ANSI standards and are image qualified on site. With our vast security feature options and customizable patterns and prismatic effects, our checks have some of the most current advances in fraud deterrent techniques.


Secure Print & Mail

Wright’s Critical Communications Division operates as a self-contained business unit specializing in the processing and delivery of sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII). Wright CCD provides secure data processing and multi-channel delivery from our high-security controlled environment. CCD has implemented an automated document factory model which minimizes data access and maximizes efficiency by utilizing automation. We have the ability to deliver high-volume, variable, critical communications with a focus on printed first class USPS transactional mail. CCD commonly processes complex jobs requiring custom programming and integration, which differentiates Wright CCD from typical “mail houses”.


Web Storefronts

Personalized graphic communication, whether online or print, has been proven to increase response rates, shorten response times, and increase the size and frequency of purchases.

Reach out to target audiences through a variety of media platforms with our cross media solutions. Whether it’s print, web, e-mail or mobile messaging, you can now deliver relevant and consistent marketing to your audience through the media type they prefer.


DAM & Workflow Solutions

A secure Digital Asset Management solution full of capabilities that automate and streamline common tasks, clearing the way for creative and marketing teams to work faster and deliver more impact by making it easy to organize, share, approve, distribute and track.



We offer warehouse storage and distribution at each of our production facilities that can be tailored to your client’s needs. In most cases, release requests in by noon can ship same day via most all common carriers.

Folding Carton Packaging

What sets WBG apart?

We provide a team approach to taking care of our clients through the entire production process, providing constant communication, clear answers and more control over their jobs. All phases of production are produced in house, not outsourced. From concept creation/CAD design, consulting, color matching, through folding and gluing, as well as warehousing and fulfillment services are available.

We also provide all quote requests with both a quote and prototype proof on the actual job stock. Once a job goes live, jobs are proofed with the artwork laminated to paper stock. Some of the many industries we help get to market fast include...  Beverage, Dry Foods, Cosmetics, Sporting Goods, Cannabis, and Pharmaceutical.

Our Award-Winning Team Can Help You

Our development team approaches innovation with a market-driven, customer focus to create value, mitigate risk and lower overall packaging costs. Our industry experts work with you to create imaginative and functional designs that build brand equity and market presence.

We sure do. Download the PDF guide HERE

Download a tutorial on how to create seamless crossover panels HERE

We do offer extensive design services for packaging projects. We can design a box from scratch to specifically fit the customer's product. Our goal is for all structural designs to be complete within 3 business days. Complexity and number of designs can extend that timeline.

We use a wide range of folding carton stocks like...

  • C1S
  • C2S
  • SBS
  • SUS
  • SUS Wet Strength (SUS with additional properties for wet strength)
  • CCLB (clay coated, light back board – high recycled content)
  • KLC (kraft board)

In general, our minimum sheet size is 13” x 19” and our maximum sheet size is 28” x 40”. In order to provide the most cost efficiency to our customers, we have the board for most of our packaging projects custom sheeted to size. This greatly reduces waste and, in turn, cost.

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For 50 years, we've been behind the scenes helping businesses of all kinds meet their needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions



We accept all current industry-standard graphic file formats including PDF, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, TIFF, EPS, JPG


For optimal print quality, your images should be 300 dpi and scaled at 100%


As a general rule, any graphics that reach the trim should be extended an additional ⅛ inch


Ideally, trim marks should be placed ⅛ inch passed the trim edge. Any closer and there might be edit charges added to the job


All files supplied must be colored with the ink colors you intend to use for final print, which should only consist of the following types...


Also known as "process colors"


Use official PANTONE naming convention (e.g. PANTONE 185 C)

Custom Spot Colors

Use names that make it easily identifiable


Use the name "Dieline"

Variable Identifier

Use "Variable" and colorize as a contrasting Spot Color

Misc Coatings / Embellishments

Use names that make it easily identifiable (e.g. Spot UV )


All PDFs are not the same nor do they guarantee quality results if they're not made correctly and from a good source. Even still, PDFs are not truly considered print-ready until they successfully process through our prepress workflow. As an integral part of our internal quality control process, we use the expressions below in our communication to help distinguish between those differences.

  Desktop PDF - Supplied from an unknown source and not checked for any compatibility

  Production PDF - Verified, Workflow Optimized and Ready for Printing


For all jobs that we die-cut, our CAD department will supply you with the final die file to incorporate into your art. This will usually be supplied as a layered Illustrator PDF format with the die-cut layer locked. Do not attempt to manipulate the die-cut layer in any way. After you integrate your art to it, verify the die-cut art is named as "Dieline" and is colorized as a Spot color.

Also, we recommend that you review your separations for accuracy by using the Adobe Separation Preview panel.

Have you ever opened a PDF file, and the colors are inaccurate or missing? Before you panic, check your settings to make sure that overprint preview is turned on in your Adobe Acrobat. Overprinting happens when a file is designed utilizing two or more colors to create a third color instead of knocking out the bottom layers. In order to view the print output of this effect on-screen, overprint preview has to be turned on. If the file has any spot colors and/or transparency blending effects, it is very important that overprint preview is turned on to accurately view any mixing of transparencies with spot colors. We highly recommend that your settings always default to overprint preview on. By turning overprint preview on, you are automatically changing the settings to high-resolution display as well.

Overprint Preview

Acrobat Overprint Preview Settings


Go to Acrobat > Preferences > Page Display
Under "Page Content and Information", the "Use Overprint Preview" dropdown menu, confirm or change to be set to Always, then click OK


Go to Edit > Preferences > Page Display
Under "Page Content and Information", the "Use Overprint Preview" dropdown menu, confirm or change to be set to Always, then click OK

Although simple in concept, process color printing is a complex manufacturing challenge. As brands and agencies become more global and media-savvy, they will increasingly require visually consistent color output across all devices and types of printing. The G7 process helps produce visually consistent CMYK color output (at the very least) across all devices and types of printing.


We have 5 manufacturing facilities located in Portland, Seattle metro (Kent) and Los Angeles metro (Chino).

Yes. We adhere to strict environmental standards and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

Wright’s Critical Communications Division is SOCII TYPE 2 compliant. We have implemented hundreds of physical, administrative and technical controls to safeguard customer data and ensure effective operations. We focus not only on operations but on the privacy, confidentiality and security of customer supplied data. CCD conducts an annual 3rd party review of these controls.



Paper Price Adjustments

June 2022
Domtar Posted 01.11.22
Pixelle Posted 01.17.22
Pixelle Posted 03.18.22
Sappi Posted 03.23.22
Sylvamo Posted 03.30.22
WCP Posted 03.29.22
WestRock Posted 03.18.22

Paper Price Adjustments

May 2021
Boise Paper Posted 05.17.21
Domtar Posted 05.21.21
Finch Paper Posted 05.24.21
Norpac Posted 05.21.21
Phoenix Paper Posted 02.19.21

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Wright adds High-Speed Automated Blanking System

April 2021

The Master Blanker is a high-speed off-line blanking unit that automates waste removal processing — a step which has generally had to be handled manually before now. Not only does the Master Blanker mechanize the waste removal process, it also promotes greater automation of the entire folding carton production process. Thanks to the unique upper and lower pin design, the Master Blanker’s cycle time is reduced and job changes are lightning fast. This enables the unit to adapt to the varying needs of facilities that demand high productivity. This addition makes Wright uniquely suited to today’s changing market and increasingly complex customer needs.

Paper Price Adjustments

February 2021
Boise Paper Posted 02.15.21
French Paper Posted 02.16.21
Domtar Paper (Product Listing) Posted 02.17.21
Domtar Paper (Price Adjustments) Posted 02.17.21
Pixelle Specialty Solutions Posted 02.19.21
Willamette Falls Paper Posted 02.05.21

Environmental &
Sustainability Policy

Wright Business Graphics is committed to being a good steward of the natural resources over which we have control and to providing a safe, healthy work environment for our employees. Our headquarters, located in Portland, Oregon - quite literally where the green movement was born - so you can be certain we take the idea of “being green” seriously. In fact, our state passed the nation’s first bottle bill in 1971 and this ground breaking legislation became the model for present day environmentally-focused business and manufacturing processes nationwide. From protecting our forests through better forest stewardship, to ensuring the survival of threatened salmon species, we join others in the Pacific Northwest in taking a leadership role in sustainability.

We endorse and embrace the certification standards used by the print industry and maintain certifications in:
Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®) FSC-C102442
Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI ®) SFI-01056

Working with these agencies, as well as our supplier partners and end user customers, we can substantively reduce the impact on the ecosystem. Wright Business Graphics invites you to join us in the promotion of sustainable production practices. Ask about our FSC® certified products and we would be happy to share with you some earth-friendly choices when placing your next printing order.

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